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Leon Ragetlie

Message Medals

Personally congratulate the olympic
ice skating winners

When it’s freezing, the Dutch thaw out. It’s in our blood. Because skating has such
a power to connect, telecom provider KPN is lead sponsor of the KNSB (Royal Dutch Skating Association). To celebrate the Dutch skater’s successes in the 2018 Winter Olympics, we gave people the change to personally congratulate the winners within seconds.

Each time a gold medal was won, KPN immediately published a unique phone number on social media and DOOH. Everyone could use these numbers to congratulate the medallists via Whatsapp.

Thousands of messages were collected on golden phones – one for each winner.

We turned the phones into Olympic medals and presented them to
the skaters during a tribute in the iconic Olympic stadium in Amsterdam.

Shorttrack double gold medalist Kjeld Nuis tweeted about it.

The other winners thanked the Dutch people for their support in a social video published by KPN.

  • Role Concept / Copywriting

  • For KPN

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