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The undercover vegetable sauce

Most kids hate vegetables

No wonder mums and dads everywhere often cheat a little by adding some ketchup or mayonnaise to their kids' greens. But this classic trick is not a healthy solution. That’s why PLUS supermarket, an ambassador for good food, for everyone, everyday, asked us to help and tackle this problem.

Introducing: SuperSauce

An undercover vegetable sauce. The ingredients – pure beetroot, carrot or parsnip – are disguised as superheroes on the package designs. In the colors of well-known snack sauces. Making the bottles look more attractive to the underage target group and avoid them finding out about the healthy contents.

Little rascals love the stuff

They eat their veggies with a smile. And even more vegetables on top!
Secret mission accomplished.

Featured on:

  • Role Concept / Copywriting / Execution

  • For PLUS

  • Awards ADCN nomination - Brand Activation & Experience

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